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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not a Great Moment in Deliberative Democracy

Controversial US Senate candidate Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) failed to rally a crowd with a substantive discussion of taxes. The Daily Caller reports:

“It costs nearly $260 billion to comply with the tax code,” he said. “It costs over 6 billion working hours to comply with the tax code.”

Then the kill shot: He brought up a think tank study relating to the IRS’ handling of tax returns.

Few were moved, but despite the slow start, Paul suddenly showed a small sign of hope.

“Washington is broken,” he declared. “Government needs reform from top to bottom.”

As if they had been waiting patiently to hear something — anything — that could put them on their feet, members of the crowd finally burst out in a cheer. But with the next thing out of Paul’s mouth, he immediately lost them again.

“It’s not just the tax code. The regulatory code is 79,000 pages long,” he said. “We’ve added 10,000 regulations in the last decade. To comply with these regulations costs us over a trillion dollars.”

“Boring! Boring! Boring!” a group in the audience chanted in unison.

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