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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sen. Lisa Murkowski's (R-Alaska) write-in bid to hang on to her seat doesn't depend on people spelling her name correctly. But her campaign staff might want to hire a proofreader.


In case you missed it, in this image from her first campaign ad since she announced that she will stay in the race after Joe Miller won the GOP primary, her Web site URL is misspelled as The ad has been pulled.

The South Bend Tribune reports on an unfortunate spelling error in Indiana.

And Real Clear Politics notes that the president made a mistake not in spelling, but in history:

"Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples. The British and French, the Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes. We all shared the same land," President Obama told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Mexico declared its independence on September 16, 1810. It was recognized on September 27, 1821.

The United States of America declared its independence in 1776.