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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Predictions That You Can Count On

  • There will be much discussion of the Constitution.
  • Polls will give conflicting results about the health care law.
  • Presidential candidates will commit damaging gaffes.
  • President Obama's approval ratings will fluctuate. So will the stock market.
  • Members of Congress will confront questions about their ethics. So will corporate executives.
  • The weather will produce extremes of hot and cold, rain and snow. Some will cite these events as evidence for global warming. Others will cite them as evidence against global warming.
  • House committee hearings will highlight waste and mismanagement in the executive branch. Democrats will accuse House Republicans of playing politics.
  • There will be news stories about medical breakthroughs that later stories will debunk.
  • States will strain to balance their budgets. The federal government won't even come close.
  • North Korea will make trouble.