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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hollywood and Political Money

The president is coming to the Hollywood area to raise money. As the Center for Responsive Politics reports, the venue makes sense:
A Democrat-friendly Hollywood is hardly a box office surprise.

In March, a Center for Responsive Politics analysis revealed that Oscar nominees were almost exclusively supportive of Democrats and other left-leaning politicians and causes. In fact, the 2011 Oscar nominees' campaign cash benefited Democrats or left-leaning groups 99 percent of the time.

The 2010 Oscars were a slightly paler shade of blue, but Democrats still dominated. About 87 percent benefited Democrats or other identifiably left-leaning causes, while only 2 percent went to Republicans.

Of course, the last two years reveal that being a prolific political donor does not equal winning the golden statue.

As a whole, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Calif., are very favorable fund-raising grounds for Democrats whatever the political climate.

During the 2010 election cycle -- with politically devastating or "shellacking" results for Democrats -- Zip codes making up Hollywood raised a total of $1.49 million, of which $1.44 million, or nearly 97 percent, benefited Democrats.

Zip codes making up Beverly Hills were only a little more bipartisan during the 2010 election cycle. Residents raised nearly $6.4 million in federally reportable cash during the 2010 election cycle. Democrats received more than $5.27 million, or about 82 percent.