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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gingrich and Tiffany

According to Glenn Kessler at The Washington Post, Newt Gingrich has paid off the Tiffany's charge account that embarrassed him last week. For some reason, as his writings suggest, Tiffany's has long been on his mind:
  • From A Contract with the Earth (with Terry Maple), p. 94: "Proactive collaboration is further illustrated in the case of Tiffany & Company, which joined forces with Earthworks to investigate environmentally sound methods for mining gold and silver."
  • From The Gettysburg Trilogy (with William R. Forstchen): "Lincoln went over to his desk and, striking a match, lit the lamp, adjusted the wick, and replaced the glass chimney. It was an ugly, elaborate thing, with three insipid brass angels holding up the base, that Mary had picked out at Tiffany's on one of her `decorating sprees' that cost so much it was still causing him headaches with Congress."
  • From 1945 (with William R. Forstchen): "He stretched in turn, reached over for his cigarettes and gold-plated Ronson on the art deco nightstand with its Tiffany lamp. Since he wasn't sure what to say he made a production out of lighting up and enjoying that first luxurious after-bout inhalation."
And on the list of things that he probably wishes he hadn't said, this explanation to Maureen Dowd must rank high: "When I ask Gingrich if it was hard to write such racy prose, he grimaces. `Actually,' he answers, speaking of his publisher, who has been been polishing the opening, `I'm getting him to tone it down just enough so that it gets to be PG-13 and not R. This book is mostly for the Arnold Schwarzenegger group.'"