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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Third Party for Paul?

Ron Paul ran as the Libertarian Party candidate for president in 1988. Might he try another third-party bid in 2012? The issue came up at last night's debate:
STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor Paul -- Congressman Paul, let me bring this to you. You’re running here in the Republican primary, but you haven’t promised to support the party’s nominee in November. And you refuse to rule out running as a third party candidate if you fail to get the nomination. Why not rule that out?
PAUL: Well I essentially have. It’s just that I don’t like absolutes like, I will never do something. But no...
SANTORUM: You’ve never done it for a debt ceiling.
PAUL: Please don’t interrupt me.
PAUL: So, I have said it in the last go-around, I said -- they asked me that about 30 times. I think maybe you’ve asked me four or five already. And the answer is always the same. You know, no, I have no plans to do it. I don’t intend to do it. And somebody pushed me a little bit harder and said why don’t you plan to do it? I just -- I don’t want to. So I have no intention. But I don’t know why a person can’t reserve a judgment and see how things turn out? You know, in many ways I see the other candidates as very honorable people, but I sometimes disagree with their approach to government.
Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who sought the GOP nomination, is now seeking the Libertarian nomination.