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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Texting for Dollars

Technology is shaping this campaign, including the realm of campaign finance. Open Secrets reports:
Don't be surprised if President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney ask you to send them a text message this summer.

The Federal Election Commission voted unanimously Monday night to allow individuals to make political contributions through text messages, providing yet another potential stream of money for national campaigns and political action committees.

Campaigns will likely follow the method charity organizations have used in the past to collect donations via text message: by texting a word or phrase to a certain number, an individual is able to instantly make a small contribution -- usually $5 or $10 -- that is added to his or her monthly cell phone bill. This gives candidates and political groups the chance to solicit near-immediate donations at live rallies or through traditional broadcast advertisements. The FEC capped text message contributions at $50 a month per cell phone number.