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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Health Care Decision, Social Media, and Mainstream Media

Buzzfeed collects some premature celebration of the health care decision from the Politiwoops site, which specializes in saving tweets that politicians share, then delete:

Buzzfeed reports some additional detail on how the rush to report led to a big mistake:
News staffers at the cable network CNN, long the gold standard in television news, were on the verge of open revolt Thursday after CNN blew the coverage on the most consequential news event of the year.
As Chief Justice John Roberts began reading his decision on the future of President Obama's health care overhaul, the CNN team inside the courtroom jumped the gun, believing that Roberts was saying the individual mandate was unconstitutional and would be overturned.
A producer inside the courtroom, Bill Mears, communicated the information to a relatively junior reporter, Kate Bolduan, the face of the network's coverage outside on the courthouse steps.
Bolduan then reported, on air, that the invidual mandate was “not valid,” citing producer Mears.
“It appears as if the Supreme Court justices struck down the individual mandate, the centerpiece,” of the law, she said.
Moments after Bolduan spoke, the false story began to metastasize inside the network's online operation.