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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Losers Who Felt Good

Beware of candidates or strategists who say that they feel good about the coming election.

  • Associated Press, October 25, 2008:  "`There are any number of paths to 270 we feel very good about,' McCain political director Mike DuHaime said this week, an optimistic take on the narrow electoral victory the campaign is hoping to craft."
  • Salon, October 29, 2004:  "On a call with reporters just before the [bin Laden] tape aired Friday, Kerry spokesman Tad Devine said: "I feel very good about where we are. It's fair to say that John Kerry enters this final weekend of the campaign in many ways in stronger shape than the Democratic nominee entered the final weekend four years ago."
  • UPI,  November 1, 2000: "The vice president Wednesday expressed confidence in his chances in Florida. Speaking to WKMG-TV, an Orlando CBS affiliate, Gore said, `I feel very good about[the election]. Especially what's happening here in Florida. In many ways Florida is the key to this race. And the response here in Florida is so enthusiastic, the momentum is clearly growing, that I feel awfully good about what's going to happen on Tuesday.'"
  • UPI, October 31, 1996: '"`The polls are moving, and they are moving rapidly enough (that) nobody knows if they are accurate or not accurate,''  Dole said. `But we feel good about it, we think we just need a little spice.'"
  • New York Times, November 2, 1992: PRESIDENT BUSH --  In an interview yesterday on the CNN program "Newsmaker Sunday." -- "I'm delighted that the campaign will end, and I still feel very confident of victory because I believe the polls have just been totally out of whack."
  • ABC, October 26, 2008: SAM DONALDSON:  "You depressed by the polls, Governor?" GOVERNOR MICHAEL DUKAKIS: "Feel good, feel good, Sam."