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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Democrats Owe California

President Obama and his party owe California a debt of gratitude.

As of today, president has received  3,526,460 more votes than Mitt Romney.   In California, his margin is 2,278,453.  So the state has contributed 65% of his national popular-vote margin.

The Center for Responsive Politics has listed his donors. (The organizations themselves did not give; rather the money came from PACs, individual members, employees or owners, or their immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.)   Four of his top ten are from California:
  • University of California $1,092,906
  • Google Inc $737,055
  • Kaiser Permanente $532,674
  • Stanford University $473,372
If Democrats win all the House seats where they are now leading, they will score a net gain of eight from their total after the 2010 election. The California House delegation went from 34D-19R to 38D-15R, for a net Democratic gain of four.  So California contributed half of the Democrats' national net gain in House seats.