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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reid, Django, and Movie Violence

Several weeks after warning against movie violence, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today spoke approvingly of Django Unchained, which one critic called " arguably the most violent movie in [director Quentin] Tarantino’s bloodstained oeuvre."

“We have too much violence in our society, and it’s not just from guns. It’s from a lot of stuff. and I think we should take a look at TV, movies, video games and weapons. And I hope that everyone will just be careful and cautious.” -- Harry Reid, on Nevada Week in Review, January 11, 2013.
"As America shapes its future it struggles with its past – a past in which equality was our principle but not always our practice. Two of the Best Picture nominees at this year’s Academy Awards – `Lincoln' and `Django Unchained' – offered cinematic treatments of the legacy of our nation’s darkest institution. One film presents an unvarnished view of the evils of slavery. The other depicts our difficult journey to end slavery." -- Harry Reid, remarks at Rosa Parks statue unveiling, February 27, 2013.