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Monday, December 16, 2013

Lobbyists and Lawmakers Rank Low in the Public's Eyes

Previous posts have looked at the public standing of various professions and occupations. Gallup reports:
Americans' rating of the honesty and ethics of the clergy has fallen to 47%, the first time this rating has dropped below 50% since Gallup first asked about the clergy in 1977. Clergy have historically ranked near the top among professions on this measure, hitting a high rating of 67% in 1985.s
Gallup has asked Americans to rate the honesty and ethical standards of members of various professions periodically since 1976, and annually since 1990. This year's poll was conducted Dec. 5-8, and finds Americans viewing nurses, pharmacists, and grade school teachers as having the highest ethical standards. Lobbyists, members of Congress, and car salespeople sit at the bottom of the list