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Friday, December 27, 2013

MSNBC and Crossing Lines

Many posts have discussed the debate about media biasOn his blog, journalist Glenn Greenwald writes:
Regarding my MSNBC discussion yesterday with Kristen Welker ... My main point was to note the stunning irony of being told on MSNBC - of all places - that a journalist "crosses the line" by expressing opinions and having political agendas. The last outlet that ought to be trumpeting that obsolete myth is MSNBC. This is, after all, a network that employs a veritable army of former Obama and DNC aides as hosts and "analysts", along with dozens of people whose entire worldview is shaped by devotion to the President and his Party's interests. 
I'm not someone who believes that it's wrong for journalists to have opinions and agendas, but whatever else is true, a network that does this and this and this isn't exactly in a very good position to lecture journalists on the need to be opinion-free and without political agendas.