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Friday, February 7, 2014

California Contradiction on Conservation

Students of public policy have long understood that different policy areas may have conflicting goals. At Reason, Scott Shackford notes that California's plastic bag ban clashes with water conservation during drought.

Governor Jerry Brown is telling Californians "don't flush more than you have to" and is urging them to cut water use by 20 percent.

Meanwhile, the California Department of Public Health is advising them to use more water. Reusable bags may pick up bacteria from meat, raw produce and other foods, so the Department urges the following steps:

  • Reusable grocery bags should be machine or hand-washed frequently! Dry the bags in a clothes dryer or allow them to air dry.
  • After putting groceries away, clean the areas where the bags were placed while un-bagging your groceries, especially the kitchen counter and the kitchen table where food items may later be prepared or served.
  • If food residues from any food products have leaked into the bag, make sure to wash and dry the bag thoroughly before reuse.
  • If reusable grocery bags have been used to transport non-food items, such as detergents, household cleaners, and other chemicals, wash and dry the bags before using them to transport food items. Alternatively, you may wish to use bags of one color for food items and bags of a different color for non-food items.