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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ronald Reagan in a Movie Against North Korea

In light of cyberhacking and threats that apparently come from North Korea, along with distributor reluctance, Sony Pictures has shelved The Interview.

In 1954, Ronald Reagan starred in a Korean War movie titled Prisoner of War.  The movie depicted atrocities by the North Koreans.  In a trailer for the movie, Reagan said:
Many who read the script said, you don't dare do it. It's too tough, too hard. We were advised to soften it, fake it up a little. But we felt, no, this had to be told with all its shocking, cruel, unpleasant detail. I can't use any of the words normally used in selling a motion picture when I talk about this one. You will see scenes never before shown in a motion picture because no one would have dared do it. We did. We did, because these things did happen. It's probably the toughest picture you will ever see on this theater screen. But MGM is proud to have made it. I'm proud to have had a part in it.