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Monday, November 23, 2015

"Blatant Anti-Semitism" at UC Santa Cruz

KSBW-TV reports:
This week, the student council voted for the University to divest from companies which profit from what they say is Israel's occupation of Palestine.

UC Santa Cruz student Daniel Bernstein, is an elected representative from the school's Stevenson College.
This week, he posted on his Facebook page a text message he received from the chair of the Stevenson student council officer.

Click HERE to see the Facebook post.

"The climate on campus has changed. Constituents from my own college have told me to abstain because of my Jewish agenda. So I am being personally discriminated against," Bernstein said.

"How did you take that?" "I was incredibly offended. It's blatant Anti-Semitism," UC Santa Cruz Student Daniel Bernstein said.

"I'm not shocked that it happened. I'm shocked that it happened directly to me, but you know I'm dealing with it the best way I can." Bernstein added.

The UC Santa Cruz Administration won't confirm or deny whether or not they're conducting an investigation into the offending text.