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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Podesta Abides

Mike Allen at Axios:
Heather Podesta tells me she got the idea for her lobbying firm's new name from the archbishop, while she was watching "The Crown" on Neflix. In a move meant to reflect an expanding bipartisan team at the once-Democratic firm, Heather Podesta + Partners today changes its name to Invariant:
The name connotes something constant you can rely on. Podesta, who leads a team of 16, plus interns, said of the change: "The firm isn't about me. We're a very different firm now."
Heather Podesta does government relations for a number of California companies, and was an early Washington voice for new brands like Snapchat, SpaceX and FitBit.
The history: "Heather Podesta founded her eponymous firm in 2007 with one employee. Today, Invariant is the largest independent, woman-owned lobbying firm in the country."
What's ahead: The firm is in hiring mode, planning to add big names.