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Monday, August 7, 2017

What a Comms Director Does

At Mullings, Rich Galen explains what a communications director does by telling what the Trump administration failed to do when it had good employment news last week.
• The point is that a fully functioning White House would have had a fully developed plan that would have been put into action at 9:30 Friday morning to crow about the job numbers forcing the cable nets to cover them.
• Every person in the Executive Branch from the Secretary of the Treasury on down, would have been booked onto every TV and radio program available.
• Friendly economists would have been pushing out blogs and Tweets. Every outlet from Facebook to Snapchat would have been switched on.
• Friendly CEOs would have been booked on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and anything else with a cable channel number crowing about their part in the million new jobs.
• There would have been op-eds prepared and pitched to the major daily papers for Sunday’s editions. Other essays would have been pitched to business-oriented web sites. Still others, focusing on the politics, to the Conservative sites giving their readers talking points for the weekend.
An agreed set of talking points would have been distributed on the Hill – for transmission to the House and Senate members who are back in their home states and their home districts – complete with state-by-state numbers of jobs in July 2017 compared with July 2016 or previous.
• In that way the message gets to actual voters from the men and women they have voted for.
• But.
• None of that – or little of that – happened.