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Monday, May 4, 2020

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties on C-SPAN

From C-SPAN:
NEW LESSON: Civil Liberties and the Coronavirus (7 Clips)
The U.S. Constitution provides for a balance of power between the federal and state governments while protecting the rights of citizens. Securing those rights during a time of crisis can be challenging. With the stay-at-home orders that have been enacted in states across the country during this time, people are discussing the impacts on their lives. In this lesson, students will explore the powers granted to the federal and state governments and how they relate to specific constitutional amendments.
Below you will also find selections of resources relating to individual rights. These Lessons and Bell Ringers provide historical and modern context to rights found in the Constitution and expanded upon through laws and Supreme Court cases. For additional resources not listed below visit our Individual Rights and Liberties Featured Resources site.
Individual Rights and Liberties:
Individual Rights and Supreme Court Cases: