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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Viral, Indeed: A Crowded Hallway and an Outbreak

Ty Tagami, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
The Paulding County high school that became infamous for hallways crowded with unmasked students reported a half-dozen students and three staffers in the school with COVID-19, the school district told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday.

“At this time, we know there were six students and three staff members who were in school for at least some time last week who have since reported to us that they have tested positive,” says a letter from North Paulding High School Principal Gabe Carmona to parents Saturday. A spokesman for the Paulding County School District gave a copy of the letter to the AJC.
North Paulding High and its school district, which began the school year Monday, made national news this past week after images of the crowded hallways went viral after being posted to social media.
The school district suspended two students, including one who publicly acknowledged posting one of the photos. The punishment led to a national outcry from critics who said school leaders were trying to silence the students. After the pushback, the district relented and lifted the suspensions on Friday.