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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Delta House: Student Support for Mask and Vax Mandates

Maria Carrasco at Inside Higher Ed:
As Delta variant cases continue to surge and institutions adjust their start-of-term plans, most college students support vaccine mandates and remain wary of resuming normal campus life, according to two new polls.

Axios and Generation Lab, a polling and research firm studying young people, found that of 846 students polled at two- and four-year institutions nationwide, 73 percent agreed that their institutions should mandate vaccines on campus.

Likewise, a survey of 1,000 college students conducted last week by TimelyMD, a telehealth provider created for universities and colleges, found that students who attend institutions with mask and vaccine mandates overwhelmingly support the measures, with 85 percent in favor of vaccine requirements and 87 percent in favor of mask mandates. For students whose campuses don’t have mandates in place, 55 percent said they wished their campuses required masks and/or COVID-19 vaccines.