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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

San Francisco Boycotts America

San Francisco is boycotting many states because of their laws on abortion and gay rights. Joe Eskenazi at Mission Local:
A March 4 memorandum from City Administrator Carmen Chu reveals that San Francisco will not enter into contracts with businesses headquartered in most of the United States — 28 states in all. Official travel to those states is also forbidden. And this list includes some surprises: Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Wisconsin.

As a result of this vast boycott, San Francisco is constraining the number of businesses it can ink deals with, which all but certainly inhibits quality and drives up costs. It also adds onerous time constraints to the contracting process, which leads to poor outcomes and also drives up costs.

“It limits our ability to procure products and receive services and contract services we need to run,” explains Chu. “It limits competition for our work.”