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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Three Percenters

From the January 6 report (p. 521): 

The Three Percenters believe that three percent of American colonists successfully overthrew the British during the American Revolution.273 Thisis not true. Far more than a tiny fraction of the colonial population fought in or supported the Revolutionary War.274 Regardless, this ahistorical belief has become an organizing myth for militias around modern-day America.
As with the Oath Keepers, many Three Percenters have turned against the U.S. Government, such that they equate it with the British monarchy and believe it should be overthrown.275 The movement does not have one, centralized hierarchy. Instead, semi-autonomous branches organize andrun themselves.276 The Three Percenter cause was growing prior to theattack on the U.S. Capitol. Jeremy Liggett, a militia leader in Florida, toldthe Select Committee it was “trendy” in far-right circles to identify withthe Three Percenter movement in the months leading up to January 6th.277