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Monday, March 27, 2023

Politics and College Enrollment Choices

At Inside Higher Ed, Scott Jaschik reports that politics seems to be affecting students' college enrollment decisions.
We won’t know the impact for sure until after the May 1 deadlines, or, for more colleges, until students actually enroll. But a new study from the Art & Science Group, being released today, found that nearly one in four high school seniors “ruled out institutions solely due to the politics, policies, or legal situation in the state” where the college was located. Further, the study found that “this behavior was statistically true across liberals, moderates and conservatives.”

In addition, found that 91 percent of prospective college students in Florida disagree with the education policies of Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, and one in eight graduating high school students in Florida won’t attend a public college there due to DeSantis’s education policies.

“Of those who aren’t likely to attend a public school, nearly half (49 percent) say it’s due to DeSantis’ education policies. This group makes up 12 percent of all prospective college students, including those who are in agreement with DeSantis’ education policies. Of students who are likely to attend a public school, 78 percent are concerned his education policies will negatively impact their education,” said, a website focused on students.