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Monday, November 27, 2023

DEI Backlash

Many posts have dealt with racial issues.

 Emily Peck at Axios:

U.S. companies' diversity, equity and inclusion efforts are losing momentum this year after the Supreme Court's June affirmative action ruling, per a consulting firm's new report.

Why it matters: The slowdown is a reversal from the explosion in corporate DEI after George Floyd's killing pushed companies to act to address racial inequality."
  • 2023 has undeniably shifted the DEI landscape for years to come," write the authors of a report out Monday from DEI consulting firm Paradigm.
  • "External forces are no longer pushing companies to invest in DEI; instead, in some cases, external forces are pushing back on companies' investment in DEI."


Meanwhile: In a letter this summer, 13 Republican state attorneys general urged Fortune 100 companies to take another look at their DEI programs in the wake of the court's decision.The letter takes aim at "explicit racial quotas in hiring, recruiting retention, promotion and advancement."

Between the lines: The lawsuits and letters "will have significant downstream consequences for DEI for years to come," per the Paradigm report.