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Sunday, December 17, 2023

House Bipartisan Lawmaking

Stef Kight at Axios:
Republicans may hold the House majority, but Democratic yeas outnumbered GOP votes on every major bill that landed on President Biden’s desk this year. … A divided government, slim congressional majorities and a fractured House GOP caucus forced significant bipartisanship on measures to raise the debt ceiling, keep the government running and set U.S. defense policy…. The House passed the sprawling National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday, with 162 Democrats voting with 146 Republicans.

By the numbers: The bipartisanship is not a new dynamic. Every major piece of legislation to pass both chambers this year had a majority of House “yea’ votes coming from Democrats.

  • It’s how Congress raised the debt ceiling in June and avoided a government shutdown — twice.
  • Nine less-significant bills — not including resolutions — made it to the president’s desk this year with nearly half of votes coming from Democrats, according to data from Quorum. All were uncontroversial, with six receiving zero no votes.
  • These bills declassified information related to the origins of COVID-19 and aimed to give veterans easier access to their benefits claims, among other measures.