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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Data Visualization

Philip Bump at WP:

The Internet Archive — which, to its credit, archives a lot more than just the stupid old internet — has in its collection of digitized books a tome called “Graphic Presentation” by one Willard C. Brinton. And it is, without question, the most spectacular book of visualizations I’ve ever seen.

This is probably one of those blind spots I have from not having been formally educated in graphic design. (Philosophy major!) This book is probably on a bookshelf in every creative director’s office in Manhattan. I find it impossible to believe that this is not broadly sought after or cited, so I’m just going to believe it is.

The book runs more than 500 pages, nearly all of which include the sort of vintage, hand-created visualizations that may me drool occasionally. And so let’s just jump into it, this lengthy-but-truncated exploration of the good stuff the book contains.