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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Celebrity Expatriation

The Globe and Mail reports on an Randy Quaid, an American movie actor who is on his way to becoming Canadian:

The Quaids arrived in B.C. in October, fleeing what they called a “murderous ring” of accountants and other star whackers south of the border. They were picked up by border officials on outstanding U.S. warrants. They’ve been charged in California with causing more than $5,000 damage to a property they formerly owned.

Both filed refugee claims, but Ms. Quaid eventually dropped hers – she was able to acquire Canadian citizenship because her father was born in Canada. Mr. Quaid’s refugee case remains active, though lawyer Catherine Sas said it would be dropped if the sponsorship application was accepted and Mr. Quaid was granted permanent residency status. She said the application could take up to a year to be approved.

Ms. Sas said her clients do not have any concerns about their safety in Canada.

The couple’s past news conferences were nothing short of a media circus, but they didn’t take questions Wednesday or say anything controversial.

Ms. Quaid said it felt “unbelievable” to be a Canadian. “I think I always knew I was. I think I’m a natural.”