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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Perry and Energy

A problem for presidential candidates is finding issue positions that both appeal to the party base and yet set them apart from other candidates. That is hard to do, as Governor Perry is finding with the issue of energy.

Most Republicans would probably approve of Governor Perry’s plan, but it’s unlikely to shake up the campaign. The major parts of the plan are neither new nor unique to Perry. Republicans have been saying these things for years, so Governor Perry is just adding his voice to the choir.

Says Governor Perry: “I believe in an `all of the above’ energy plan that encourages the development of all our conventional and renewable sources.” He is echoing John McCain: “We have to have all of the above, alternative fuels, wind, tide, solar, natural gas, clean coal technology. All of these things we can do as Americans and we can take on this mission and we can overcome it.(Second debate with President Obama, 10-07-08)

Even Democrats have talked about some of these things. Perry says he will initiate a review of federal regulations. President Obama said the same thing. See a White House fact sheet from January 11: “The President has ordered a review of regulations to remove needless burdens, while ensuring common sense standards to protect the American people.”