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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super PAC Tweets

Two campaign trends:  the rise of super PACs and the increasing use of social media -- are intersecting. Sarah Lai Stirland reports:
In what is likely to be among the first of a following flood of SuperPAC promoted tweets, the Obama-allied superPAC Priorities USA Action used the microblogging service Twitter on Tuesday to promote its campaign messaging against Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney.
Romney’s agenda for the wealthy is hurting him with those who aren’t. A @Priorities2012#SuperTuesday Memo:
— Bill Burton (@billburton716) March 6, 2012
Priorities USA Action's Bill Burton used searches for the hashtag #SuperTuesday to promote a tweet that bashed the former governor of Massachusetts. The micro-ad neatly encapsulated the Democrats' talking point for the day: "Romney’s agenda for the wealthy is hurting him with those who aren’t," read the message. The tweet linked to memo on the SuperPAC's web site that presented exit polling statistics that showed that much of Romney's support comes from the relatively wealthy.
While television networks are expected to still gobble up the majority of SuperPAC dollars during the 2012 election cycle, online companies are also hoping to be able to edge in on the action. Earlier this year, Google told techPresident that it has set up a special unit to deal with the expected inflow of cash.