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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The "Thank You Campaign"

Previous posts (2010 and 2011) have discussed Memorial Day. A release from the Thank You Campaign:
Washington, D.C. (May 27, 2012) Launching in honor of Memorial Day 2012, a unique social media campaign hopes to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by families who have lost loved ones that served in the military.
The #ThankYouCampaign is a joint effort by Special Ops Survivors and Military Families United. The goal of the campaign is to get people thinking about the real meaning of Memorial Day and make the topic a top trend on Twitter and other social media, as well as around the picnic tables this holiday weekend.
“Memorial Day is not about mattress sales and cook-outs,” says Hannah Gregory, campaign spokesperson. “We are working to remind people what Memorial Day is all about and that while they are enjoying the company of their families, there are many military families who are handling the loss of a loved one that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”
Taking part in the campaign is simple. People are asked to take their own “Thank You” photo which can be as simple as holding a sign that says “Thank You” or something more creative to show their support and their personalities. Photos can then be “Tweeted” with the hashtag #ThankYouCampaignor they can be posted to the campaign’s Facebook page. More information and printable thank you signs and coloring sheets are available on the campaign’s website at
Celebrities and public figures are also being urged to join the campaign and say “Thank You” to the families of fallen military heroes.
The campaign is being launched in time for the upcoming Memorial Day, but the #ThankYouCampaignwill be an ongoing effort “because every day should be a day we remember the families of our fallen military heroes and the sacrifices they made for us,” says Gregory.
Military Families United and Special Ops Survivors have joined efforts to launch the campaign but will be looking for additional nonprofit organizations that serve the families of the fallen and want to join as campaign partners.
“Military Families United is proud to be partnering with the other organizations in the Thank You Campaign to show our united support for families of the fallen,” says Bob Jackson, executive director. “Through this combined effort we can not only remind the public of the sacrifices of these families, but provide the opportunity for all American’s to honor our true Heroes.”
The campaign was created by SHOESTRING (the nonprofit’s agency) as a public service.
To learn more and join the campaign, go to