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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Very Strange Political Ad (Caution: Mild Vulgarity)

The Huffington Post reports on a strange new ad by Roland Sledge, a Republican running for Texas Railroad Commissioner:
In the ad, Sledge stands by a fence and explains that some people learn by reading, others learn through observation and "the rest have to pee on an electric fence."
Now, spoiler alert, Sledge is not the third kind of person, says Sledge. Nevertheless, having dragged the viewer out to a field with a fence, he has to deliver on the spectacle of someone urinating on it. (This is a variation on that rule of playwriting that the gun you show the audience in Act One must be fired in Act Five.) As you can see, he doesn't disappoint.
In fact, the only problem with this ad is that the viewer is so primed to anticipate the moment where a fence gets peed on that you completely miss the part where Sledge talks about ... Rod Blagojevich, for some reason? Okay, the viewer says, just cut to the peeing.