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Monday, July 16, 2012

Class, Demographics, and Internet Access

The Census has new data on Internet access.  Here are the percentages of people age 15 and over in each category who report connecting to the Internet.   In principle, the Internet should be a great equalizer, providing information access to disadvantaged groups.  In practice, these groups tend to make less use of the Internet:  Hispanics and Blacks less than whites; Spanish-speakers less than English-speakers; poor less than rich (though the lowest quintile reports more than the second and third quintiles); those without college less than those with degrees; disabled people less than people without disabilities.

Total 60.1
.15-24 years 73.0
.25-34 years 68.5
.35-44 years 66.0
.45-64 years 59.8
.65 years and over 31.7
Race and Hispanic origin  
    White 61.5
 Non-Hispanic 65.3
.Black 51.0
.Hispanic (of any race) 41.6
.Male 60.0
.Female 60.3
Language spoken at home  
Speaks English only at home 63.6
Speaks Spanish at home 38.0
   Speaks other language at home 57.0
.Lowest Quintile  61.4
.2nd Quintile 46.9
.3rd Quintile 49.1
.4th Quintile 63.9
.Highest Quintile 77.7
School enrollment status  
.18-24 years  
    ..Enrolled in school 80.4
    ..Not enrolled in school 61.5
 25 years and over  
    .. Enrolled in school 81.3
    ..Not enrolled in school 56.1
Total 15 years old and over   
Educational Attainment  
.Less than HS diploma 39.2
    GED 44.2
    High school diploma 49.0
.Some college or associate degree 66.3
.Bachelor's degree or higher degree 77.7
Disability status  
     With a disability 41.3
          Severe 35.6
          Not severe 54.8
     No disability 65.1
Difficulty seeing/hearing/speaking  
     Difficulty seeing 33.6
          Severe 25.8
          Not severe 36.2
     Difficulty hearing 38.3
          Severe 29.1
          Not severe 39.8
     Difficulty with speech 32.2
          Severe 21.4
          Not severe 34.7
Needed personal assistance with an ADL or IADL** 25.6