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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why So Many People Look Down on the Mainstream Media

The mass media have made much more serious mistakes in recent weeks, but an admission of ignorance during Olympic coverage is likely to get a lot of attention. International Digital Times reports:
During NBC's Olympic opening ceremony coverage, Meredith Vieira voiced words that are likely to haunt her for years to come, bringing on a barrage of heckling tweets within the online community.
Just moments after the coverage began, Vieira sheepishly admitted that "if you don't know who Berners-Lee is, don't worry...neither do we".
Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the founding father of the World Wide Web and was a star in the opening Olympic Ceremony which celebrated the impact of his work on the world.
Whether it was an attempt at humor or an honest admission, Vieira's lacking knowledge led to a mass influx of heckling commentary from Tweeters around the globe.