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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Social Media and the Ryan Choice

NBC reported the Ryan selection Friday night.   Then social media led the way. Laura Petrecca writes at USA Today:
"Mitt's VP app" updated around 7 a.m. ET with word that Ryan had been selected. At 7:43 a.m., Romney tweeted that Ryan was his choice. Less than an hour later, Ryan sent out his first tweet from a new "PaulRyanVP" Twitter profile saying that he was "honored" to join Romney's team. A fresh Facebook page, under the "Paul Ryan VP" moniker, also appeared early Saturday.
A little after 9 a.m., the duo shared their news via a televised event in Norfolk, Va.
Mashable reports:
Ryan’s been a Twitter user since early 2009, when he first tweeted the following under the handle@RepPaulRyan: “Entering the brave new world of Twitter. What the heck is this anyway?”
On Saturday, a new Twitter account for Ryan began sending messages — @PaulRyanVP. The account was apparently created on Aug. 2 and quickly verified by Twitter.
Ryan’s former Facebook page is clearly intended to bolster his image as a deficit hawk: a graph based on his “Path to Prosperity” plan serves as his cover photo, showing the claimed debt reduction the United States would see under the plan.
His new Facebook page, rolled out Saturday morning, features Romney/Ryan campaign branding and a cover photo showing the two candidates: