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Friday, October 26, 2012

Technology, News, and Campaign Money

The Project on Excellence in Journalism finds that Americans are following the presidential campaign more closely on nearly every news platform than they were earlier. The biggest gains have come on  websites of traditional news sources and sites native to the web.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project finds that technology is providing a new avenue for campaign money:
In June of this year, the Federal Election Commission for the first time allowed political campaigns to accept campaign contributions via text message, and both of the major presidential candidates now allow supporters to contribute directly to their campaign using a cell phone. In two surveys fielded in late September, we asked a series of questions aimed at determining how this new contribution model is fitting into Americans’ political giving habits. Because few (if any) congressional or state-level candidates currently accept mobile donations at this time, we limited our questions on this topic to presidential campaign contributions only.
10% of 2012 presidential campaign donors have contributed via text message or cell phone app. Democrats are more likely to contribute online or directly from their cell phone, while Republicans are more likely to contribute in person, by phone call, or via regular mail.