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Monday, September 23, 2013

Views on Government Power

Previous posts have discussed attitudes toward government and its power.  Gallup reports:
Six in 10 Americans (60%) believe the federal government has too much power, one percentage point above the previous high recorded in September 2010. At least half of Americans since 2005 have said the government has too much power. Thirty-two percent now say the government has the right amount of power. Few say it has too little power.
During the 2008 presidential race, about half of Republicans and Democrats held this view. By September 2009, however, views became much more polarized: 25% of Democrats were concerned with the government's power, compared with 78% of Republicans. Since that low point, Democrats have become more likely to view the government as too powerful, with 38% this year saying so -- for a gap of 43 points between the parties.

 Do you think the federal government today -- [ROTATED: has too much power, has about the right amount of power, or has too little power]? Views by party