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Friday, June 27, 2014

Knowledge about Party Control of Congress

Many posts have discussed public knowledge of politics. Pew reports:
In addition to being more interested in government and politics, Steadfast Conservatives, Business Conservatives and Solid Liberals are the most likely to discuss government and politics with others; about six-in-ten report doing so at least a few times a week, compared with four-in-ten or fewer of the other .
Another key measure of political engagement is how knowledgeable people are about the current political landscape, and here again the more ideological groups score far higher. Nationwide, just 40% of Americans can correctly identify the partisan balance in both the House of Representatives and the Senate (that Republicans have the majority in the former, and Democrats in the latter). The remaining six-in-ten know only one (33%) or neither (28%) of those facts.
Business Conservatives are the most likely to correctly identify the majority party in both houses of Congress (69%), followed by Solid Liberals (60%) and Steadfast Conservatives (54%).