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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Deliberation, Local Government, and a Budget Simulator

David Nyczepir reports at Route Fifty:
The latest interactive infographic for state and local governments has won over cities in financial trouble or improving transparency.
Faced with a $49 million budget shortfall in April, Hartford, Connecticut’s city hall leadership wanted budget input from citizens.
After holding two live, informational events at the Hartford Public Library, the city became the first client to put its 2015-16 budget into Balancing Act—an interactive, online budgeting simulator for state and local governments’ residents.
Interactive government infographics are catching on, and in the next four-to-six weeks three more to-be-announced contracts are slated to adopt Engaged Public’s tool, including one of the 10 largest cities in the country.
“Hartford officials were wrestling with a very significant budget deficit, and in the spirit of democracy they wanted to share that reality with residents,” said Chris Adams, Engaged Public’s president. “They’re buying in because there’s going to be someone paying no matter what, but this allows for a more constructive conversation.”