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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Americans View One Another

Samantha Smith writes at Pew:
The American public has shown itself to be quite critical in its views of politicians and the federal government, expressing low levels of trust in both. Yet a recent Pew Research Center survey of attitudes about government also finds that Americans pull no punches when assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their fellow citizens.
The public gives the “typical American” a mixed assessment when asked about specific traits. Most (79%) agree that the term “patriotic” describes the typical American very or fairly well, and majorities also view the typical American as “honest” (69%) and “intelligent” (67%).
However, just over two-thirds (68%) say the term “selfish” also applies to the typical American very or fairly well, and half of the public says that the typical American can be aptly described as “lazy.”
In general, younger people tend have more negative views of the typical American than do older adults. Millennials, who are highly critical of members of their own generation, are especially likely to see the typical American as lazy: 63% say that term applies at least fairly well, compared with no more than about half in older age cohorts.