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Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump: English Patient

Amber Phillips writes at The Washington Post:
For those looking to fulfill their worldview of a Trump White House so eager for affirmation they'll overlook where it came from, it was almost too perfect.
The White House's new email newsletter, “Your 1600 Daily,” is a round up of videos, tweets and moments from the president's week all carefully curated to give off a sense of goodwill and personality from the White House. And this makes sense: Politicians want to engage their constituents beyond speeches and news conferences, and a digital newsletter is a very #2017 way to do it.
But in Friday's newsletter, things went terribly wrong for the White House. In the “News Reports” section, they shared two articles — one of Trump praising an Irish “fight” at a White House ceremony.
And the other, this Washington Post piece written by Alexandra Petri: “Trump's budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why.
It takes about two seconds to click on Petri's article and realize she is — umm — not seriously championing Trump's budget. As Petri, who writes a humor blog for The Post, puts it, her story was “composed almost entirely of onomatopoeic noises (PEW PEW! GRRRRRRRR!) typed out in all caps.”
Remarkable? Yes. But this isn't the first time the Trump White House has made a colossal/colossally embarrassing mistake. Its press office isn't two months old, and it already has a history of some very sloppy/funny errors. 
Phillips mentions several errors: