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Monday, July 2, 2018

Polarization and the NRA

From Gallup:
Republicans and Democrats are more divided in their views of the National Rifle Association than at any other time in Gallup's 29-year trend. Eighty-eight percent of self-identified Republicans say they have very or mostly favorable views of the NRA, compared with 24% of Democrats, a 64-percentage-point gap in positive opinions of the organization.

These results are from a Gallup poll conducted June 1-13. In January, Gallup also found a large partisan gap in satisfaction with the country's current gun laws. Sixty-nine percent of Republicans said they are satisfied with the country's gun laws, while 79% of Democrats said they are dissatisfied. This partisan gap in satisfaction is reflected, to an extent, in Americans' views of the NRA, the high-profile U.S. organization opposed to more stringent gun regulations.