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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Health Care Opinion 2019

Republicans' and Democrats' levels of satisfaction with what they pay for their own healthcare have diverged in the past year. The 73% of Republicans who are satisfied with the total cost they pay for healthcare is up from 60% a year ago, and is the highest level of satisfaction for the group to date. Meanwhile, 52% of Democrats, down from 61%, are satisfied -- the lowest satisfaction for Democrats in Gallup's 19-year trend.
Jones also reports:
Americans continue to prefer a healthcare system based on private insurance (54%) over a government-run healthcare system (42%). Support for a government-run system averaged 36% from 2010 to 2014 but has been 40% or higher each of the past five years.
 Lydia Saad reports a disturbing number:
 A record 25% of Americans say they or a family member put off treatment for a serious medical condition in the past year because of the cost, up from 19% a year ago and the highest in Gallup's trend. Another 8% said they or a family member put off treatment for a less serious condition, bringing the total percentage of households delaying care due to costs to 33%, tying the high from 2014.