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Monday, July 27, 2020

Global Approval of US Leadership


For the second consecutive year, approval ratings of U.S. leadership increased in more countries than where they declined -- helping to nudge global numbers upward. Out of the 135 countries and areas, approval ratings declined by 10 points or more in just five countries - Lebanon, Iraq, Italy, Sierra Leone and Zambia.
Ratings improved by at least this much in 12 countries or areas that span the globe, but notably, there were few free, democratic countries on the list and few long-time allies. Worldwide, approval ratings of the U.S. improved most in Turkmenistan, rising 32 points from 30% in 2018 to 62% in 2019.
The image of U.S. leadership fared worst in Europe, where people remain as disenchanted with U.S. leadership as they were in 2017. The 24% median approval rating in 2019 was unchanged from 2018 and essentially the same as the 25% rating in 2017. However, the median 61% who disapproved of U.S. leadership was a new high.
The U.S attained majority approval in three countries or areas in Europe: Kosovo at 82%, Albania at 67% and Poland at 59%.