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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Right-Wing Social Media

 Sara Fischer at Axios:

Conservatives have long created their own media channels via print, radio and television to combat the perceived left-wing bias of mainstream outlets. The creation of new social media networks, streaming sites and digital media apps is the next iteration of that decades-long trend.

Driving the news: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell told Business Insider last week that he's planning to create a new social media site called Vocl. Lindell, who has been banned from Twitter, says the app will be a cross between Twitter and YouTube.
  • In the past year, several social networks have gained popularity among conservatives, including Rumble, a YouTube alternative; Parler, a Twitter alternative; MeWe, a Facebook alternative, and CloutHub, which is sort of like a Reddit alternative.
  • Gab, the social network commonly used by conservatives that bills itself as a free speech platform, said recently that it's working on its own version of Clubhouse, the audio-first social app.
  • The Daily Wire is launching a subscription entertainment streaming service, akin to Netflix, that caters to conservatives. BlazeTV's subscription service also focuses on streaming, but focuses more on commentary than entertainment.