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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Black and Hispanic Are Preferred Terms

Gallup finds that 58 percent of Black respondents do not have a preference between "Black" and "African American," with 17 percent choosing each term.  If they had to pick, 52 percent prefer "Black" to 44 percent who prefer "African American." At Gallup, Justin McCarthy and Whitney Dupree continue:

Hispanic respondents were asked a similar question about their preference among the terms "Hispanic," "Latino" and "Latinx" -- with this final option being a newer, gender-neutral term favored by some Hispanic Americans.

Most Hispanic adults (57%) say it does not matter to them which term is used, though nearly one in four (23%) prefer "Hispanic" and 15% prefer "Latino." Few expressed a preference for "Latinx" (4%).


 In the follow-up question in which Hispanic respondents were asked which term they lean toward, most prefer "Hispanic" (57%), while more than a third choose "Latino" (37%). Five percent prefer "Latinx."