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Friday, August 6, 2021

Left, Right, and COVID: International Data

 Many posts have discussed the politics and policy implications of COVID-19.

Ideological right more likely to think there should have been fewer COVID-19 restrictions
Majorities in most of the 17 advanced economies Pew Research Center surveyed in spring 2021 say the restrictions that had been imposed over the course of the pandemic were about right or that there should have been more restrictions. But significant minorities say there should have been fewer restrictions, suggesting they may be resistant to renewed lockdowns and social distancing requirements.

In most countries surveyed, those on the ideological right are particularly likely to say there should have been fewer restrictions on public activity over the course of the coronavirus outbreak. In keeping with previous findings, ideological divides between the left and right are largest in the United States with 52% of conservatives and 7% of liberals saying there should have been fewer restrictions. (The U.S. portion of the survey was conducted earlier than others, in early February.) Right-leaning people are significantly more likely to say restrictions went too far in nine other nations surveyed.