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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Prosecutors and Appearances

Many posts have discussed prosecutors.

 Jessica Levinson at MSNBC:

Appearances matter when it comes to members of our government, and perhaps even more so when it comes to criminal prosecutors. This is why Fulton County, Georgia, Judge Scott McAfee ruled Friday morning that while there is not an actual conflict of interest preventing District Attorney Fani Willis from pursuing the election interference case against former President Donald Trump, there is the appearance of one. McAfee therefore ordered either Willis or Nathan Wade, her appointed special assistant district attorney and former boyfriend, off the case.

Wade stepped down Friday afternoon.

McAfee’s ruling is a strong rebuke of Willis, of the lack of judgment she exercised in this instance and of her conduct. And that’s only appropriate. She fell short of acting in a way that acknowledges the enormous responsibility that she has been entrusted with. And McAfee was right to tell her so.