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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Opposing the Protests

A number of posts have discussed the politics of protest.

YouGov survey on campus protest:
Americans are more likely to strongly or somewhat oppose (47%) than support (28%) pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses throughout the country in recent weeks, according to a YouGov poll this week of 9,012 U.S. adults.


A growing number of students have been arrested, leading some to question whether administrators who allowed these arrests have overstepped. Others argue that even more force should be used. Our survey shows that twice as many Americans believe college administrators have not responded to the protests harshly enough (33%) as say administrators' response has been too harsh (16%). 20% say it has been about right and 31% are not sure. Half of Americans 45 and older believe administrators haven't been harsh enough (48%); a much smaller share of adults under 44 think this (16%).