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Monday, October 15, 2012

Zombie Lobbying

First zombie epidemiology, then zombie advertising, now zombie lobbying.  The Hill reports:
Galvanized by the threat of a “zombie-less Halloween," hundreds of zombies took to the streets of Washington, D.C., Friday in an attempt to scare lawmakers into supporting their cause — returning AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to Dish Network.

Recently, the satellite television company took AMC, and with it, the top-rated series, "The Walking Dead," off the air. It claimed the hit show wasn’t worth the cost of having to carry the less popular related networks of We TV, Sundance Channel and IFC Films.
The decision caused “The Walking Dead” fans to miss the Season Three premiere of the show on Oct. 14.
To protest the decision, portions of the nation's capital turned into a zombie apocalypse of sorts on Friday as a group of protesters clad in silicon rotting flesh and fake blood turned heads as they lumbered by the White House, Lafayette Square and the Washington Monument, carrying picket signs and several downed satellite dishes.
Danielle Webb of AMC, who doubled as the zombies’ spokeswoman, told The Hill that the group was marching to catch the attention of lawmakers and citizens alike “to shine a spotlight on our cause and get as much attention as possible because we are facing a grave zombie crisis.”